Common Conversion Killing Errors
Sometimes it is the simplest of oversights with your website that can cost your business dearly. Read our guide about the most common of these and how to avoid them!
Sites Big & Small Often Lose Sales/Leads

Everyday new websites pop up and everyday the majority of them, regardless if they are big or small, make easily correctable mistakes that ultimately cost them sales and/or clients. In this edition of the Atlas Web Design blog we will go the most common of these errors and more importantly how to fix them!

All sites should be designed for the end user.
Does Your Site Have A Clear Call To Action?

Every modern website should, nay, must have a primary call to action clearly visible. A primary call to action is the number 1 thing you would like your sites visitors to do when they are on your page. If you are unclear about what you want them to do, they will be unclear also. Keep your message clear and consistent.
A common mistake many sites make is setting their primary call to action below their homepage fold (a sites fold is the point of the page where a user has to scroll to see more). A visitor shouldn’t have to scroll down to know what to do. Keep your primary call to action prominent and above the fold. No negotiations here.

Not Tracking Your Sites Performance

Any websites key metrics reveal it’s performance, strengths, weaknesses & areas of improvement. If you are not tracking your sites performance then you are simply rolling the dice with your site.
Your site very well may already be getting plenty of traffic, but are you optimally converting these clicks into sales or clients? This is where tracking your sites performance can help you make calculated & informed decisions into what changes will help your site grow your business. Google Analytics is the most commonly used tool to track all key metrics of web sites.

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Avoid Things That Kill SEO

There are literally thousands of ways you could inadvertently ruin your site or a page on your sites chances of performing well with SEO. From missing keywords to not having enough content or even having a competitor spam you with bad links to get you penalised with Google and other search engines. It is critical you constantly monitor your performance to ensure you always find new opportunities and not ruin any progress you may have already made.

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Slow Loading & Bad Servers

In the modern digital error, slow load times or being hosted on a bad server are conversion killers and an invitations for visitors to hit the back button. What is slow though? Recent studies have show that a load speed of greater than 3 seconds can turn away up to 60% of traffic.
A low speed can be caused by the site itself or where the site is being hosted. It is critical to diagnose the problem and fix it ASAP!

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Poor Navigation Plan

If visitors to your site can’t quickly figure out how to get to what they are looking for they will simply look for the information elsewhere. It is incredibly frustrating to the end user to have to click back 2-3 times to get to where they want to be. Your site should have menu/navigation bar at the top of every page, to help users change directions and find the most useful areas of your site easily.
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