Wordpress SEO Basics: A Crash Course
If you're a beginner with optimizing Wordpress sites, our introductory guide to search engine optimizing your site will set a foundation for search engine dominance!
WordPress & SEO

WordPress has been one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) for many years. In 2017, WordPress is only getting more popular. What is driving this growth? WordPress sites are robust & easy to manage. But what about WordPress & SEO? When managed appropriately, WordPress powered websites can have incredible SEO results. Here are some of the easiest WordPress SEO tips & techniques anyone can introduce to their site. No coding required at all, we promise.

Like anything SEO related, valuable content-rich pages are always critical!
Install & Activate Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is an incredibly powerful WordPress SEO plugin that makes managing & improving all aspects of your sites SEO easy! Oh, it is free also.

Some key features include: Built-in sitemap generator, supports meta-tags & meta-descriptions, has an in-built SEO page analysis tool that makes improvement suggestions, and Yoast makes writing SEO optimised content a breeze.

Download Yoast SEO

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Set Appropriately Descriptive Permalinks

Permalinks are the URLs of your sites pages & posts. They are not only what your users enter into their address bars to reach relevant pages, but are also used by Google & other search engines for indexing. It is critical you use appropriately descriptive permalinks to your pages, for both your users and search engines.

Bad Permalink: www.samplesite.com/?p=1153 (Default WordPress settings)

Good Permalink: www.samplesite.com/this-is-much-easier-to-read (Post name option or custom permalink in WordPress)

Install & Activate Google Analytics

You’ve likely already heard of Google Analytics. Just in case you don’t know, Google Analytics tracks vital information about everyone visiting your site, from where they are visiting from, which pages they visit and how long they spend on your site. This information can help you make critical decisions about upgrading your site.

WordPress has a free plugin that makes tracking Google Analytics within your admin portal easy. MonsterInsights is used by over a million sites for Google Analytics.

Download MonsterInsights

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Wordpress SEO Guide
Use Lots of Links & Anchor Text

Anchor text is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. When used properly, internal links & anchor texts can have a notable influence on your sites SEO performance.

As a simple rule of thumb, use as many internal links as your content provides opportunities for appropriate linking. If it helps your visitors experience & helps them navigate through your site, search engines will love it to!

To really kick some goals with internal linking & WordPress SEO, use keywords you are targeting as the anchor text for relevant links. For example, if you would like to link to a page that sells¬†vintage cars toys you could use the descriptive anchor text: “Buy Replica Vintage Toy Cars Now”

Get Your Hosting Right

When it comes to SEO, your sites load speed matters. It also matters to your bounce rate and user experience (but that’s a story for another day). The faster your pages load, the more likely they are to ranking well. Though there are many factors in load speed, the overwhelmingly most influential factor is your web hosting. It is critical for your site to have a reliable & fast hosting.

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